Spring salad for Crusoe's

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The Wholesome Collective know how to take wholesome ingredients and create interesting dishes that appeal to your eyes, taste buds and health. That’s why we asked them to add a fresh approach to our new Spring menu.

We are always looking to improve the way we do things in the restaurant and are happy to get help from many different resources; after all, food should be looked at holistically. Kerryn is an accredited dietitian who started The Wholesome Collective as a way to educate individuals, school groups, community groups and even restaurants in how to incorporate fresh, wholesome food into their daily lives.

Their take on Spring is vibrant, with fresh flavours from blood orange, fennel, beetroot, shallots, cabbage and pistachios. You can see these touches through our new Spring menu, with their wholesome, seasonal freekeh salad making a delicious appearance.

As chefs we can sometimes get a little routine and stick to what we know and do best. I think it helps to get inspiration from a variety of sources, and who better than Kerryn. She is a dietician who helps the public prepare great tasting, healthy meals.

The brief we gave to Kerryn was to create a salad to accompany our confit duck dish and another to be a stand alone meal. The salads had to be seasonal for spring, be nutritious, and be a little different. Just because we are doing affordable pub food doesn’t mean we have to do boring side salads all the time.

Kerryn has a way of making the simplest ingredients come to life. Through winter our duck confit was very popular served with roasted Tuscan vegetables. Kerryn suggested to lighten up the dish for Spring by sitting the confit duck maryland on a salad of blood orange, braised baby fennel, baby rocket and pistachios with a light lemon & dijon vinaigrette. We agreed!!
<h5>Seasonal freekeh salad</h5>
Don’t let the word ‘salad’ turn you off, this dish is far from boring! It has been carefully put together to showcase seasonal produce, and provide a balance of key nutrients and flavours to keep you energised for hours after enjoying this aesthetically pleasing dish.

Eating any fruit or vegetable when plentiful and in season will ensure better flavour, and optimal nutritional value, and the roasted beetroot, orange segments, shallots and rocket in this salad do not disappoint. The addition of the ancient grain, freekeh, provides a nutty texture and a boost of low GI carbohydrate, fibre and some plant protein. This protein value is complete with a crunch of roasted hazelnuts and a crumble of salty feta.  A dressing of lemon juice, dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil provides a zesty touch that really complements the earthy flavours of the beetroot and freekeh. The quality extra virgin olive completes this dish, providing the healthy fats and antioxidants responsible for the healthy Mediterranean way.

Keep an eye on our menu page for updates. The menu will be posted here shortly.

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