Eating crab claw meat

How to eat crab and not look silly

You no longer need to steer clear from ordering crab in the shell. Use this step by step guide to eating crab and keep up appearances!

Crab meat is so delicious and such a wonderful delicacy, but like all good things it doesn’t come easy. If you haven’t been shown, eating a crab still in the shell can be an intimidating task. Blue Swimmer is included on the Crusoe’s on the Lake seafood platter so we thought it would be beneficial to give a quick how-to guide for digging into this wonderful crustacean!

Crab on seafood platter

Crusoe’s Seafood Platter

  1. Break the claws away from the body. Do this with a gentle pull and a twist and the claw will tear from the body quite easily
  2. Using the walnut cracker (pliers), break the shell of the claws to reveal the soft white inner flesh
  3. Using your fingers as well as the seafood fork pull the flesh out from the shell of the claw and keep aside on your plate. Discard all bits of shell that have the flesh removed from it
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the legs
  5. Now move on to the main body. Peel the top of the shell from the body and cut in half.
  6. Use the seafood picker to pick the white flesh away from the main skeleton and cartilage
  7. Discard inner skeleton and begin scooping out the browner meat from inside the back of the crab shell. This part is easier with either a spoon or the back of the seafood fork
  8. Wash your hand in the rinse bowl
  9. Your crab meat is now ready to eat! Squeeze some lemon over the meat and dig in
Crab fork and pliers

Seafood fork and pliers are used to eat crab from the shell.


It’s as easy as that! You no longer need to hesitate when presented with crab in it’s shell at a restaurant. If you are buying yourself and wondering what to look for you should always go with a heavier body. Buy your seafood still alive or very close to and from local waters.

Happy eating!