Best Coffee in Belmont

Making the best coffee in Belmont

We have a goal here at Crusoe’s on the Lake -to consistently make the best cup of coffee in Belmont. Since taking over the catering at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club last month we have been busy changing things up to suit our style and vision. We created a new fresh menu that is seasonal, which was launched last week with great success. Now we have turned our attention to the coffee.

Johno is the owner of Papa’s Bagel Bar on Hunter st Newcastle, a hip little cafe that makes bagels very cool and also does awesome coffee. We asked Johno to come in for a couple of hours to get all our staff on the same page and learn step by step the ins and outs of great coffee. After 90min we had covered cleaning the machine and the basics of a good crema… we decided we were going to need to get him back again to finish things off. This bloke knows his coffee! Many thanks to Johno for taking the time to share his knowledge.
We are planning on purchasing a new coffee machine and grinder and also sourcing the best coffee beans we can. We will then have more regular training sessions: After all, the lofty goal of ‘best coffee in Belmont’ isn’t achieved overnight. Meanwhile, why not pop in and try our brew today? Drinking a great cup of coffee in the sun on our deck with the sound of the water below is very meditative. We even give you a free homemade cookie with every cuppa!